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Artisan Watchmaker at your service.
• Rue des Rasses 16A -
1450 Sainte Croix
• 0041 (0)79 853 55 08
• contact@sylvain-pinaud.com
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Artisan Horloger

As a contemporary watchmaker, I believe that watchmaking can only be art, and my goal is to achieve an art of uncompromising quality and dedication.
I set up my independant workshop to satisfy my quest for qualitative artisanal watchmaking and to practice watchmaking in accordance with my values.
At the crossroads of art and science.
For all these reasons I am committed to make tomorrow’s fine and elegant watchmaking, appreciated by those who prioritise uncompromising quality and dedication.

Discover Timepieces of Art

Create with the greatest care in my workshop, pieces that reflects my philosophy of quality and elegance.

-Chronograph Monopusher-
A unique architecture of uncopromising finishing

– Origine –
A timeless mechanical scuplture.